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How It Works

  • Choose Your Flavor

    We have four delectable flavors: Original Sweet, Cinnamon Bun, 4-Cheese & Lemon Poppy Seed. All sold in 12 packs.

  • Delivery or Pick Up

    Cold shipped with 1-2 day shipping OR pick up from our warehouse in Escondido, CA.

  • Refrigerate or Freeze

    Waffles arrive chilled. Refrigerate to consume within 5-7 days. Freeze to consume within 4 months.

  • Heat & Serve

    WAFFLE IRON | From frozen; heat ~2-3 mins. From refrigerated; heat ~1 min. TOASTER | Use waffle setting.

Enjoy Naked

The waffle, not you... actually you can also be naked, but we are talking about the waffle being naked. No need for syrup or butter, they taste incredible as they come.

Original Sweet

Our flagship waffle; glazed crisp on the outside with a sweet gooey inside. Tastes amazing "naked."

Cinnamon Bun

It's like eating the center of a cinnamon roll in waffle form. Cream cheese topping provided.

Lemon Poppy Seed

A close cousin to the Original Sweet, but made with real lemon zest and poppyseeds.

4 Cheese Savory

Our savory option made with a 4 cheese & spice blend topped with a provided jalapeño jelly.

Why The Naked Waffle?

Local Love

Premium Sourced Ingredients

We source only premium ingredients and prioritize buying from local farms when possible.

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Unbelievably Tasty As They Come

Our waffles are produced to taste amazing as they come, uncomplicated and simple to serve.

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Shipped Direct

Cold Shipped

Despite our waffles being fully cooked, we cold ship and deliver them so their moisture remains, making them taste unbelievably good once heated.

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